Bendik Skaalerud —

Bendik Lillemoen Skaalerud is a designer based in Oslo, Norway. He graduated with a BA in graphic design from Westerdals (Kristiania University College) in 2021 and is currently working as a designer at DAYTWO. Bendik is a curious designer inspired to join the two worlds of code and design to create something greater than the sum of its parts. ‍

Generative programs in the context of design (BA) — Imagery

"Generative programs in the context of design" is my BA when graduating from Westerdals. It's an exploration of generative programs and how they can be used to create designs in various fields, ranging from type design to architecture. The three programs are coded in processing and builds on eachother in each itearation. Blender was used to visualize the output of two of the iterations. The project in it's entirety can be viewed here (Norwegian).

Offshore Racing Congress — Imagery

ORC is the only offshore sail boat racing rating system that is solely based on science, a complex system with a large amount of information. With completely different categories of people visiting the page for completely different information, a big part of the project was organizing and simplifying the content and user journeys, easing the certificate application process, simplifying the rules overview and organizing the race calender among other improvements. Along with the new web design we also updated their identity to a modern standard.

Kongsberg Agenda — Imagery

Made during Spring 2022 at DAYTWO. We were approached by Kongsberg Business Chamber to develop the identity, brand platform and web solution for a new event in Kongsberg. This new successor to what had beed called Kongsbergdagene, had an ambition of becoming Kongsberg’s answer to Arendalsuka – but with a main focus on technology and how integral it is in finding the solutions to world problems – in society, business and education.

Bislett Track Tools — Imagery

Bislett Track Tools is a web based tool box for runners that train at Bislett Stadium, and a personal passion project. Running intervals on the 546m long indoor track at Bislett Stadium has often proved to involve complicated mental maths. To make my own planning a bit easier I’ve previously created myself a set of basic tools. The functionality was decent, but the design was nothing to be proud of. Long overdue, has finally been updated with a new design, along with some added functionality. Now all that’s left is actually going running…

Rude Type Collection — Imagery

With more and more digital, and even analog, artists rushing to get their piece of the NFT cake, digital artist Trym Ruud needed something of his own to diversify himself and his Rude Boy's project from other less serious actors. To do this he approached DAYTWO, and more specifically me and Steffen Silseth. By aligning with his existing visual language of 3D modelled boxed toys, we created a set of typefaces aimed at capturing Trym’s visions and the life he has given his toys in their raw, but polished, nature.

DAYTWO — Imagery

After working at DAYTWO for only 6 months, and having subtly raising the issue of our slightly outdated website, I was given the trust and responsibility of designing a new one. The goal of the new design was both updating the look of our agency reflecting what we do as well as bringing our new São Paulo office and existing Oslo and Belgrade offices together as one.

IF Bilhjelpen — Imagery

IF wanted to create a tool to help people through the entire process of buying used cars. From find the right car to calculating the actual costs involved. For the UX and UI Design, IF turned to DayTwo. I was involved in the 'Functions' part of the service, cataloging and presenting the different measurements, specifications and equipment found on the used cars. To help guide customers through all the details of the car and explain what the different categories actually means, I created a set of simple illustrations, based in IF's existing icon library.

Bendik Skaalerud —